Who We Are

We are the SJM Family from Shreveport, LA, South Jackson, MS and the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX metro area.

Our mission is to improve the quality of individuals’ lives while providing a long term impact. By demonstrating commitment to people, organizations, and churches, we seek solutions for specific social problems through research, training, and support.

We seek to invest in people’s lives and build the community through support of projects and organizations with the purpose of providing opportunities for individuals, as well as strengthening family bonds.

Our past and current interest areas are: Genealogy, Historical Preservation, Nonprofit Management, Education, Children, Prisoners, Homelessness, Ex-Offender Re-Entry, Nutrition and Wellness, Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Recovery.

Our family is passionate about innovation and education and will continue to provide affordable and accessible education services to all mankind.

We developed and personally financed the PARfessionals™ product brand and the NCPRP™ credential. After generously providing free and low-cost training to the international recovery community through our nonprofit organization, PARfessionals: Peer Advocates for Recovery, for the past five years, we have decided to move towards a more sensible and feasible way of doing business which also includes "owning" our brand through the formation of a low profit limited liability company, PARfessionals, L3C. Thereby, each family member of the SJM clan is an impact investor and co-founder of PARfessionals, L3C.

Our family is very proud to have an extensive background in business, workforce development, healthcare, military, ministry, information technology, social services, financial securities, insurance, organizational management, criminal justice, hospitality, marketing, human resources and customer service. Additionally, we have worked for many companies in a wide range of industries including the U.S. Military, Dallas Cowboys, IBM, Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Texas Workforce Commission, Internal Revenue Service, US Department of Treasury, Fannie Mae, Dallas ISD, Irving ISD, Tenet Healthcare, and the Dallas County Community College District.

In March 2015, our family decided to close down our private foundation and re-open as The SJM Group, a low profit limited liability company (L3C) .

The SJM Family: A Family of Impact Investors

PARfessionals' Founder, Jorea Kelley-Hardison and the SJM (Simmons Jacobs M’Namee) Family have a prominent lineage of educators, civil rights activists, heroes, history makers, and entrepreneurs who have significantly invested in their communities.

Verna Leary Jacobs and Bunyan Jacobs are the grandparents of Ms. Kelley-Hardison and the SJM Family clan.

Verna Leary Jacobs was a lifelong educator of children with special needs. She came from a family of educators and African American entrepreneurs. Verna's family owned the first African American taxicab company and grocery store in Minden, LA. Verna had a bachelor's degree from Wiley College and a master's degree from Wayne State University. A Minden, La community, "Jack-Leary Quarters" is named after Verna's father.

Bunyan (Powell) Jacobs Sr., was a trained executive with an education from Indiana State University. Bunyan was a key financier of the civil rights movement in Shreveport, LA and the owner of the Lighthouse Investment and Insurance Company. The Lighthouse Investment and Insurance Company stayed on the Black Enterprise list of Top 100 owned Black Businesses for two decades. His paternal family, the Powells, include the first black pharmacist, physician and attorney in Shreveport, LA. The Powells also owned a black drugstore in Shreveport.

Alene Delaney Simmons and Lee Simmons, Sr. of Shreveport, LA are the maternal grandparents of Ms. Kelley-Hardison and the SJM Family clan. The Simmons's were the first African Americans to move into a sub-division off West Canal Boulevard in Shreveport.

In 1978, the Simmons family made national news in print and through television. It was reported that Caucasian neighbors had shot into the Simmons' home in the early morning hours one day as a reaction to the racial integration of the local neighborhood. Ms. Kelley-Hardison's older sister, Inakka, who was five at the time, was missed of getting shot by inches. Newspaper articles regarding this incident can be found through the microfiche archives at the library of Southern University and the Noel Memorial Library of Louisiana State University in Shreveport.

Our Extended Family

Dr. Albert Henderson Powell, Sr., is Bunyan's first cousin, who was a civil rights activist and physician trained through Howard University. Dr. Powell was also a physician in private practice, and worked at the Veterans' Administration Hospital in Shreveport, LA where he treated veterans that experienced mental health issues and addiction. Dr. Powell was Ms. Kelley-Hardison’s mentor and adviser during the essential phase of certification implementation for PARfessionals. Before Dr. Powell retired, he also served as a disability consultant.

Juanita Powell-Baranco is Dr. Powell's sister, also a first cousin of Bunyan Jacobs, Sr. served as the Assistant Attorney General for the state of Georgia, sits on the Board of Trustees of Clark Atlanta University and along with her husband owned the first successful African American owned car dealerships in the metropolitan Atlanta, GA area.

Reverend John B. Simmons was a civil rights activist and pastor of St. Rest Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA. Rev. Simmons collaborated with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement. Dr. King would stay with Rev. Simmons whenever he visited Shreveport, LA.

Joe Delaney was a former football player of the Kansas City Chiefs. He was the running back from Northwest Louisiana. Unfortunately, he drowned on June 29, 1983 during his heroic attempt to rescue three children from a local pond in northeastern Louisiana. He was posthumously awarded the Presidential Citizen's Medal from President Ronald W. Reagan. Although the number of his jersey from the Kansas City Chiefs has not been officially retired, the number 37 has not been worn since his death.

Dorothy Benton-Lewis was the administrator of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA). N’COBRA is an organization for ten years that has successfully connected 4,000 members to the Black Reparations Commission. Dorothy frequently appeared on C-SPAN where she discussed human rights, black reparation and international law. Dorothy was also the Project Officer at the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). She was also the author of the book titled “Black Reparations Now: A Black and White Perspective”.

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